Our trailers offer clients the leading edge thanks to innovative design, rigorous production processes and the use of superior materials. All of this results in unmatched durability, reliability and efficiency, enabling our clients to generate GREATER EARNINGS.

World-class expertise

At PRBB, our engineers are in tune with the best international standards and practices. We believe in continuous improvement and innovation that exceeds the already high standards and practices the South African trailer manufacturing industry has grown accustomed to.

We never compromise.

Putting people first

We believe it’s not just our products that should make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. We believe in building long-term relationships by always striving to go the extra mile. This is why our clients have direct access to the management of our company. As a Proudly South African company, we believe all of our stakeholders – employees, customers and suppliers – deserve a brighter future. We are committed to building a legacy for all, that can endure generations.

Our products stand out, and our people prosper!

World-class innovation

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Our side tippers can carry more than 700 kg more payload than our competitors
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The tipping angle of our side tippers is wider than the industry norm of 40 degrees.
Tougher, and more capable side tippers

PRBB’s side tippers can carry more than 700kg of additional payload in comparison with the products of rival manufacturers.

Our engineers also incorporated round pipes in the corners of the side tipper bins, significantly reducing the stress concentration that generally leads to cracks.

Wider tipping angles

The tipping angle of our side tippers is 42.8 degrees, as opposed to the industry norm of 40 degrees.

Rugged, virtually indestructible timber trailers

As a market leader in the timber trailer sector, we pride ourselves in the exceptional durability of our timber trailers.

Unlike the trailers by some of our industry rivals, PRBB’s timber trailers can go directly into forests to load timber, resulting in unsurpassed efficiency and cost-savings.

Industry-leading cross members

While cracked and broken cross members and torque tubes are commonplace in the trailer transport industry, PRBB prides itself in countering this trend by building cross members with unmatched durability.

Lower centre of gravity

Lower centre of gravity of our trailers results in better towing stability and cornering.

PRBB’s product range includes:

  • Side tippers
  • Timber trailers
  • Sugar cane trailers
  • Tautliners
  • Cattle trailers
  • Flat deck trailers
  • Walking floor trailers