PRBB was founded in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga in 1969 and – mostly thanks to word-of-mouth – established itself as one of the leading players in the province’s forestry and agriculture sectors.

Johan van de Wetering acquired PRBB as a going concern in 2013, and, in partnership with co-owner Sjaak Hagg, has further grown PRBB into a supplier of a wide range of innovative, durable trailers offering a greater payload.

By expanding into a greater variety of industries and establishing a production line Pretoria, PRBB now is one of the fastest-growing players in the market, having achieved a tenfold increase in production and revenue within six years. The team achieved this by optimising production processes, standardising the designs of PRBB’s product range, and, most importantly, manufacturing and distributing trailers that enable GREATER EARNINGS.

A shared legacy in the trailer industry

Both Johan and Sjaak are no strangers to commercial trailer manufacturing, coming from families who share a strong legacy in the industry.

Their experience in trailer manufacturing span as far back as their childhoods, having spent school holidays working on trailer production lines. Even before high school, Johan and Sjaak could perform complex tasks on production lines, such as axel fitment and wheel alignment. After matriculating, they graduated in mechanical engineering.

Always moving – and thinking – forward

Thanks to their combined experience and having started at the bottom and worked their way to the top, Johan and Sjaak, together with the rest of PRBB’s management, share invaluable experience in trailer manufacturing and an understanding of the industry and client requirements on all levels.

 In the day-to-day management of the business, Johan specialises in production management, while Sjaak applies his mind to the research, development, marketing and sales of PRBB’s innovative product range.

 The company employs over 120 people and has its eyes firmly set on international expansion. PRBB’s product range includes:

  • Side tippers
  • Timber trailers
  • Sugar cane trailers
  • Tautliners
  • Cattle trailers
  • Flat deck trailers
  • Walking floor trailers